setmaster collator

SOLD – Used Setmaster Collator in Nashville, TN. 10 Pockets with High Pile Feeders

Post Press Systems are selling this on behalf of our customer, we installed this in 2017 and carried out a factory service and overhauled the gearbox couplings. Machine can be seen in use and is available immediately. Priced to sell quickly.

1998 10 pocket SRA3 (13.5″ x 18.5″) collator available.

The machine features:

– Cycle speeds up to 2400 per hour
– 18″ Pile Feeders to all stations
– vacuum miss detectors to all pockets
– mechanical double detector on exit
– hand feed stations on left & right hand side
– Flat Belt Delivery Conveyor with timer and speed controls
– Factory Serviced in 2017

Contact us for pricing and delivery options. Buy with confidence that Post Press Systems can fully support this machine into the future….

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