best price collating machine

Used Setmaster Collator – 15 pockets High Pile (21″ x 22″) & Head Stitching

This 15 pocket Setmaster Collator is available for immediate shipping within the USA. Optimized for the gathering and stitching of Wallpaper Sample Books but can also be used for standard paper and sheet collating. The static pinning units allow smaller sheets to be dropped onto larger sheets and the static charge holds the small sheets in place prior to stitching. PPS serviced and maintained this machine for the previous owner from 2012-2016 and it has many years left to offer a new owner.


  • 15 pockets
  • Max. Size:  21″ x 22″
  • Min. Size: 3″ x 6″
  • Max. Speed: 2000 cph
  • 3 x Static Pinning Units with 4 static wands (more can be purchased)
  • In Line Stitching Upton 1/4″ thick with 2 x Acme Champion Interlake Stitching heads
  • Vacuum Miss Detection to All pockets
  • Mechanical Double Detector on Exit
  • 32″ High Pile Feeders
  • In Line Delivery Conveyor On Exit (Jogger can be supplied for extra)
  • A transformer maybe required to match this to your factory supply

PPS can offer various packages:

  • Machine unseen and without warranty loaded onto transport
  • Machine installed and Operators trained
  • Machine installed and Operators trained and 6 month parts warranty

Contact us for more information and Pricing

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